Current issues from Nepal:

Thanks to the tents, donated school-backpacks, books and pencils the school, in the nine mountain villages, started again. We are in contact with the nine mountain villages and getting multiple response. The 2500 kids are very happy about the support.

an orphan with one of our spended covers

neighboring house of our children´s home in Kalanki Kathmandu

delivery of the donation

Rural district Dhading

   If you want to encourage the victims of the earthquake and/or help to buildup their infrastructure,

   the people in Nepal would be very grateful.

    donation adress:

    Eltern-Kind-Brücke e.V.

    Sparkasse Heidelberg

    IBAN: DE25 6725 0020 00090 725 51


    heading: Erdbeben

2014-07-29: donation handover of the RescueCoin Team

Spende der Raiffeisenbank

Donation of the RescueCoin Team Volker Dejung (1st of the right), Lukas Dejung (2nd of the right) and Dr. Dietrich Weller (5th of the right) to Petra Pachner (3rd of the right), Herwig Jantschik (4th of the right).


Heidenheim City run 2014

Voith´s running team once again took part in the Heidenheim city run. The apprentices from Voith also manned an information booth. Furthermore the Hans-Voith foundation donated 1€ for each kilometer the students ran. The students raised a total of 250€.

Night of Music

The pictures below show the first impressions of the Night of Music on the 24th of May 2014.

All choirs are shown together on the photo on the left.

 The picture on the right of is the district administrator Klaus Pavel (behind the microphone). He is the patron of the evening and the CFO-Childrenvillage in Nepal.

Open house in the new Trainings Center of Voith GmbH at 2014-05-17

Under the slogan „connecting Hands“ the trainees from Voith GmbH helped the CFO Children´s Village in Nepal

Trainees of Voith GmbH sold coffee and cake during the open house. About 70 self-made cakes were donated and built the base for success. The trainees also manned an information booth. The open house raised 1.900,-€. Thanks a lot to all the volunteers on behalf of the children.

Cooperation with the Cooperative State University of Heidenheim

Excursion to the CFO-Kinderdorf (Children-Village) in Nepal

31.03.2014 – 9.04.2014

Six students from the Cooperative State University in Heidenheim got the chance to take part in an excursion to Nepal to take a look at the CFO-Children-Village in Dhading Besi. The Excursion was led by Professor Petra Pachner, who is a teacher at the Cooperative State University of Heidenheim. The CFO-Village offers orphans and disadvantaged children a place to live, an education and a family like atmosphere. Upon arrival in the CFO-Village, the students were welcomed by Petra Pachner and she presented the detailed plans of the project. Right at this time four buffalos were being brought into the CFO-Village. The biogas plant is powered in part by goats, cows and buffalos. The next big project in the future will be a training center for carpenters, tailors and metal workers. The lot has already been purchased. Before leaving Germany the students were supposed to create projects to do with the children. The three students Tina Dittweiler, Sarah Goebel and Sarah Mayfield did some activities like dancing and playing games. Christian Erhardt, Julian Findeis and Peter Daum played football and cricket. This was a wonderful experience and a chance to get to know the kids better said Christian Erhardt. All of the students and the children from the CFO-Village enjoyed the intercultural exchange. They were also able to meet Ramesh Dhamala chairman of the CFO-Village and Dr. Olga Lasota, an Austrian pediatrician.  She is the medical head of Dhading and Kalanki which is in Kathmandu. The students had the chance to get to know the diversity of the country. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and has many impressive Hindu monuments such as the sacred burial site Pashupatinath and the temple complex Swayambutinath. The National Park Chitwan in the south of the country offered the students a chance to see the jungle and its wild animals. The excursion allowed the students to get to know the culture of Nepal and themselves better. The students also were able to meet with the infants in the CFO-orphan asylum. When they are older, they will probably move to Dhaging. The trip has successfully sharpened the view of the students and made them aware of the conditions and the essential needs of the inhabitants of Nepal. The professionalism of the students has greatly expanded.

Certificate campaign by Voith-trainees

Some young Voith-trainees organized with their taskmaster Herwig Jantschik a certificate Campaign.

For further information, follow this link:


Donation campaign of Nähwelt Schweizer

The issue of Nähwelt Schweizer‘s big project is „Nepal“. You can buy fabric parts for 4€ per part on their website. The goal of this project is the creation of the worlds biggest patchwork blanket which is funded of donations. They send your donations directly and without any deductions to the bank account of “Eltern-Kind-Brücke”. This organization is using these funds in the children’s village in Dading Besi (Nepal).

You can support this Project on their website: